Ecommerce Payment Gateway Features


Cyber Transaction Payment Gateway™ offers a complete E-commerce Suite that includes all of the essential tools a merchant will need to conduct business while securely transmitting customer payment data across the internet,  plus added value features that enhance performance and security above and beyond the industry standards.  Advanced reporting and fraud scrubbing and more. 

  • Shopping Carts
    Integrated with over 100+ eCommerce shopping cart vendors world wide and the list is growing.   View Cart List
  • Customer Vault
    Protects sensitive customer payment information and store it in our secure database customer profile for future transactions
  • iSpy Fraud
    Advanced fraud scrubbing management system that uses merchant created rules to stop suspicious transactions based on IP, Country, transaction type, amounts and more
  • Payer Authentication
    Cardholder identity validation
  • Virtual Terminal
    Process transactions anywhere in the world from web-enabled devices. The Cyber Transaction Gateway ™ Virtual Terminal supports various payment methods including ACH, credit cards and debit cards ~ Real time key entry validation eliminates data entry errors ~ Supports encrypted card readers ~ supports check scanning devices
    Eliminates clear text credit card information from your network ensuring that every transaction is transmitted fully encrypted to  PCI Compliant standards, thus removing the liability from the merchant
  • Batch Processing™
    Import and process large numbers of customer transactions in spreadsheet formats such as Comma Separated Values (CSV), XLS , TXT , and Excel® by uploading through FTP  over SSL or manually through the dashboard – works for small or large batches containing hundreds of thousands of transactions
  • Recurring Billing
    Set up Subscription Based Recurring Billing <or> Plan Based Recurring Billing, You define the plan ! Highly customizable recurring billing suite allows you to set up billing plans then choose the customer and link them to it – you choose how many days, weeks, months, years to continue.  Go back and change or modify a plan that effects an entire group or modify a single customer
  • QuickCart
    Built in FREE shopping cat that allows you to quickly link a website to your Payment Gateway account – Create buttons, payment links and more
  •  Electronic Invoicing
    Invoicing | Billing suite that allows you to create invoices and send via email in a dynamic PDF format thus reducing paperwork and the amount of time it takes to get paid ~  Set up full or partial payment in different forms such as check, debit card or credit card ~ Supports multiple currencies ~ Full reporting interface
  •  Load Balancing  ~  ATRI   ~  Advanced Transaction Routing Interface
    This feature allows you to have total control over multiple MID’s and set up filters that specify the type of transactions that you will send to specific MID’s or Processors. The filter rules set by you will automatically route specified transactions to the appropriate processor using one gateway account for all MID’s
  • Gateway Emulator
    This feature allows you to easily switch from other payment gateway providers to Cyber Transaction Gateway ™ by imitating the format of other existing payment platforms without having to reprogram or rework your existing application. By using the emulator you will save time and expense when switching to our advanced payment gateway
  • Three Step Redirect
    Reduce your PCI footprint and eliminate transmission of sensitive customer payment information. Seamlessly send your customers to our secure payment page to complete their order – once they have entered their payment information in our secure page we return them to your website and combine their payment information with your checkout data and transmit and this information to the processor – your customers sensitive information was never passed to you thus eliminating the PCI liability – all this occurs in seconds!
  •  Certify PCI
    We can assist you to pass and maintain PCI Compliance though our do-it-yourself  in-house automated web-based PCI assessment tool.  We make it simple for you to meet your Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance requirements.  Using our turn-key PCI compliance solution, merchant’s can quickly and securely achieve full PCI Compliance and receive an instant validation and certificate upon completion.  CertifyPCI ™ also offers a $50,000.00 insurance policy per occurrence in the event of a merchant breach *insurance policy is an additional yearly fee